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Splynx has ability to use Towercoverage to help you understand where are your existing and potential clients located. Towercoverage integration is the part of the Self Registration add-on. That's why you have to install Self Registration add-on first

After installation open settings at the Config / Integrations / Modules list

Enable Towercoverage

Add customer to Towercoverage - when the customer registers via Self Registration his coordinates will appear at the Towercoverage portal

You need Towercoverage account. You can register it here -

Copy Towercoverage "Account Id" and "Account key" to Splynx settings

Then, create Multi-coverage map (aka Multimap), open it and copy it's ID to Splynx settings. You can find ID of the Mutimap in your browser. It will be the last part of URL

Finally, enter the country code (where you create Multimap), and save the settings. You can see the list of country codes here -


When customer registers and also Towercoverage integration is enabled then Street and City fields are required to fill

Street and City values entered by the customer will be transferred to Towercoverage. Towercoverage will try to translate Street and City to geographical coordinates and if it is possible - customer will be added to the Towercoverage portal

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