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Signaturit is a Splynx add-on which allows you to complete any signing processes in business with legally binding eSignature. 

"Splynx-Signaturit" add-on works in Splynx version 2.0+

 1.To install "Splynx-Signaturit" add-on please enter the command: 

     sudo apt install splynx-signaturit

2. To configure add-on "Splynx-Signaturit" you should get "Access token" from

 3. Then check your setup in admin-panel:

Config -> System -> Signaturit Config  


4. To be able to send document to the customer you should generate templates from SignaturIt (1) or Splynx (3) or upload them (2) from computer:

 4.1. To generate document from SignaturIt-template you have to prepare its template in SignaturIt-templates:

 And add at least one field in Config → SignaturIt Config → Template:

 Then you can send it:

Your signature:


4.2. To upload the document from PC click on "Upload" icon and in a window poped-up choose the file you'd like to be uploaded:

 Then click on icon "Send to signature" and “Send”

 Your signature:

 4.3. To generate document from Splynx-template you should prepare its template in Splynx-> Config->Templates:

 Example of the generated document from Splynx-template:

 Then click on icon "Send to signature", write Subject, and click “Send”



5. At the end you can download the signed document:

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