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Pesapal is a Splynx add-on. It's used to synchronize customers, invoices and payments with Pesapal Payment Gateway -

To install Pesapal add-on use following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-pesapal

After installation you have to configure params.php in /var/www/splynx/addons/splynx-pesapal/config - folder. Look at the screenshot:

Consumer Secret and Consumer Key can be taken from Pesapal dashboard:

Now customers can pay their invoices using Pesapal system in Finance / Invoices:

If everything went well, you will see status of invoice as "Paid" (Portal and Admin).

To refill balance customers can use the link - “http://yoursplynxurl/pesapal”, where they have to enter registration details for the first time:

On Portal main page customers can also see the list of non-paid invoices and "Pay" button near each invoice:

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