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Integrapay is a Splynx add-on. It uses to synchronize customers, invoices and payments with payment software - Customers using Integrapay can pay your invoices through banks or you can charge your customers bank accounts by debit orders.

To install Splynx-Integrapay add-on, use following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-integrapay

or you can install it from Web UI:

Config → Integrations → Add-ons:

Then first step - you should to register in After that you need to set your User name and Password in Splynx Config → integration → modules list → splynx_addon_integrapay:

Also in this repository you can set "Service fee" for and "fee vat" customers:

After that you configure Add-on customers will see new pay button near their invoices and new item of finance menu:

Customer have to go to the Finance → Pay via IntegraPay direct debit and set his Bank Account or Credit Card (depends on what he will use to pay for invoices):

After that customer have configured his Bank account or credit card he can pay invoices with by pay button:

Also customers can to add their payment by Finance → Pay via IntegraPay direct debit:

Besides, you can charge all customers, using one button! Go to Finance → Invoices, set the period and click "Charge" as at the screenshot:

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