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Go to start of metadata is a Splynx add-on. It uses to synchronize customers, invoices and payments with payment software - Customers using can pay your invoices through banks or you can charge your customers bank accounts by debit orders.

To install add-on, use following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-gocardless-rb

Then first step - you should to switch "sandbox" to "live" in the configuration:

Then go to the Config / Integrations and proceed configuration:

Please, check your Splynx URL and click button 'Link Splynx with GoCardless'.  You will be redirect to registration page GoCardless:


And now, enter your registration data in registration form and click 'Connect' button. If everything is correct, you will be redirected to finish-page:


After that customers have to enter registration details in current fields in new Tab - "Gocardless" → Main menu "Finance" as on the screenshot:

That is all settings.

Now, customers will see a new icon in Invoices list:

and can click to receive a payment:

After some time ( we can see the payment in portal and admin-side, as on screenshots:

Also, customer can refill balance using link - “http://yoursplynxurl/gocardless-rb”:

Besides, you can charge all customers, using one button! Go to Finance → Invoices, set the period and click "Charge" as at screenshot:

Next one option, you can sync all customer, just follow steps below:

open Config / Integrations / GoCardless :

then select Payment method, Partner and click export button:

You will receive customers list in csv-file. After that you should open dashboard on and upload csv-file, as on next screenshots:


Now, all customers from list receive mails and will have to authorise: