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Baicells LTE is a Splynx add-on which is supporting Baicells equipments. Using this software you can: 

  • add Baicells-system;
  • create and manage SIM-cards, which use Baicells-system;
  • assign SIM-cards via customer's internet services.

Attention! This add-on is prepaid, so if you haven't bought it and install, you will only see a message as on the screenshot:


To install "Baicells LTE" add-on please enter the command: 

apt-get update
apt-get install splynx-baicells-lte

After installation in menu Networking you will see new icons: LTE systems and LTE Configs. First of all, you should create a new LTE system:

After you've created LTE system, you can create SIM-cards for that system. In order to do this you should go to Networking → LTE Config and create cards (manually or using import):

And now you can create Internet service for customers. Open Customer → Services and create new Internet service:

When customer uses LTE IMSI, you can check IMSI list in special bookmark:

Troubleshooting! If something is wrong with add-on, please, check WebHooks inside Splynx settings menu: Config → Hooks, it should be enabled:

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